Monday, December 15, 2014

Study: Electronic cigarettes have a potential for huge public health benefit

Clinton to ban public e-cig use

BIG Surprise: Vaping is LESS addictive than cigarettes

American Heart Association Study Finds Vaping More Effective Than NRTs

Pima County may ban hiring smokers in Dec. 16 vote[%27buffer%27]&utm_content=[%27bufferdcda3%27]&utm_source=[]&utm_medium=[%27social%27]

Calgary and Alberta Health Services eye $25K study on e-cigarette regulation

Who’s Who - A Guide to Vaping Advocates and Deniers

Clive Bates: Debating e-cigarettes with Professor Martin McKee

Clive Bates: A blunt challenge to some common arguments against e-cigarettes

Top E-Cig Figures Predict The Future of Vaping in 2015

Monday, December 8, 2014

A Portugal petition

Petition: Create Electronic Cigarette Regulations That Make Sense!

Stressed-Out CVS Back To Selling Cigarettes After Only 3 Months,37580/?utm_source=Facebook&utm_medium=SocialMarketing&utm_campaign=LinkPreview:1:Default

Clive Bates: A blunt challenge to some common arguments against e-cigarettes

Reynolds to go national with sales of nicotine therapy gum

Politician of the Week: Mark Pawsey MP

Bloomington's E-cigarette Ban Leaves Customers Out in Cold

The heart attack hoax

Clive Bates: Anti-complaint about e-cigarette advertising

YOU can get the truth out there!

NHS Stop Smoking Service & E-Cigarettes | Louise Ross Interview

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

A Dutch petition - Herzien/opheffen van het tijdelijke warenwet besluit elektronische sigaret

A petition to sign for portuguese vapers against the tax (0.60 €/ml !).

This years Global Drug Survey is out and contains questions about tobacco and ecigs.

By Dr Farsalinos: Creative thinking: trying to find methodology problems when we don’t like the results of research

Clive Bates: Comments on draft BSI standard for vaping products

House Leaders Rush to Defend E-Cigarettes From Possible FDA Bans

FDA Overreach on E-Vapor Products Spurs House Leadership to Act

Ireland - Tobacco and e-cigarettes: The government wants to know what you think

Only Big Tobacco and Big Pharma want e-cig regulation